Mdfblog (update) and Adsense

Hello! Sorry for the delay in posting, I just haven't got around to writing anything on here.
I know anymore it seems like I catch myself saying that whenever I do post something, because it does take me forever to update…

I've moved Mdfblog from SuperFreeWeb to my own home server at Vizaweb. It just added it on to my package for and it hasn't went down yet. SuperFreeWeb is good for beginners, and starters, but I am not a one of those and got tired of it going down every other day. It had about a 45% up time, if that.

As you can tell above this post (and other posts in the future) I put AdSense on my blog. At first I was kind of weary of them but finally I gave in and decided, why not? It's free and I might make a little extra cash.

Oh, one more thing, I am just not doing too good with my WordPress blog. I have been so spoiled with Blogger I decided to stay awhile.

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