Fourth of July!! (Ok Not Yet)

Yay! It's finally here, Fourth of July that is. (Ok going to be here.. get off my back)
The one day of the year that its legal (in most states) for people to act like complete retards and take the chance of blowing off something. Or getting seriously hurt. Ok, so technically that's not the legal part and I'm sorry if I offended somebody.

But, seriously, the best part is the Bottle Rockets, Black Cats, Cherry bombs, etc… I guess I like it all! (I could name off stuff for awhile)

I started today (Even though it wasn't the 4th) lighting off it seemed like a 10ft long thing of Black Cats. My ears are still ringing from the excitement… Or was it just loud?

I know that this is my first post in awhile, and its pretty lame but I got nothing to post anymore. Nothing important happens. I haven't updated my MSN Space in god knows when. Now that I said that I'm gonna post something on that when I'm done with this.

Oh! Oh! I know some news! Digg is going to be having a whole new look soon. It can be found here if you're the lucky sole who knows the beta password.

Well… I got nothing. So have a happy fourth! This will be my last post for awhile..


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