Ever been left somewhere…?

Have you ever been going some where with a group, and the ride (Primarily a bus) leaves you at a location you stop at, and you have no idea what to do?

Well, that happend to me last Thursday. I was going on a field trip with the TSA (Technology Student Association) group of my school, we were on our way to this Theater place and then to a pretty big mall afterwards to shop around and just have fun basically.

All was going good, until we reached towards the end of the "mall excursion."
The teachers, who will remain Anonymous in this story, told everybody to rendezvous at the food-court/balcony exit at 2:30pm.

Well, anyways it was going just fine, my friend and I were just shopping around, I checked my clock it was 2:15pm, it was then that I decided we should start to head back, but first we went into a FYE store to purchase some CD's.

When we got out of there it was exactly 2:30pm, so we sprinted back to the rendezvous point, it was about 2:38 when we got there (We were pretty far away from the rendezvous location) and we went outside to get on the bus…AND THEY WERE GONE!

Of course my friend and I panicked, what else do you do in a situation like that?

Well at first we just decided that maybe they were still in the store somewhere, parked somewhere else, looking for us. So we spread out and search the mall up and down.
Nobody was around.
It was then we went back, nothing, searched some more, nothing, and repeated this about 4 to 5 times hoping to find somebody.

It was relevant then that they were not coming back. It was then I used a payphone to call my mother collect, and boy was she not happy. Of course she was not upset with me, but with them. She said it would take her about 3 hours to get there mainly because its a 2 1/2 drive there from where I live and plus she had no idea where this mall was, and the town its located in is pretty big!

So, having 3 hours to kill, and already gaven up on the group coming back, we decided to just do teenager related things, (Playing games, going Up the Down escalators, etc…)
It was about 4:30, when the teacher said "There they are!" in a pretty snooty tone. She got kind of mad at us because we were getting ready to go into a Arcade, but WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? We had gaven up on her!!

She and the other teacher started yelling at us, that it was our fault they left us. One of the teachers called us bold faced liars when we said we were there at 2:38, she claimed that "we did not board until 2:45 and they were not there when we left", where her exact words.

Now theres more but I'll leave the story at that. If you must post a comment this exact post will be on my MSN space here: http://spaces.msn.com/members/techjunkie

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