Many of you have asked why I no longer allow comments on my blog… well I am going to answer you all at the same time…

  1. I got tired of all the spamming, I let anybody post a comment and it was post after post, and Blogger doesn't allow a Grace Period from what I've found
  2. There was way to much use of Vulgar Language and Profanity (etc) and I will not allow that on my blog.
  3. I said no promotions of websites, no refer links (Ex. and such and you guys did it anyways

That is the main reason I got rid of comments on my blog… I am trying not to be too picky but I was forced to go to the extreme.

Look at me, I said in my post previous of the previous one (I just lost ya) that I wasn't going to post anything in awhile… But I've had a lot of free time these past few days… Weird..


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