Cafepress and PS2

Well I've sure most of you (if not all of you) have heard of, its a free (Has paid subscription) way to customizing your own items such as Shirts, Mugs, Mousepads, and even Thongs. Customizing them with your own design and such. Well I have heard a lot about it and even bought some stuff off of them, and the designing is really good and it doesn't take forever for delivery.

I was so impressed that I decided to open up my on Cafepress shop. Now it doesn't have very many items, in fact right now it's got a T-shirt and a mousepad, but they'll be more in due time.
I called it from the beginning Matt Fowler Tech Gear Shop but it kind of got pushed more over to Matt's Tech Gear Shop. Having my last name just seemed way to tacky.

You can view the shop here. Or if that don't work its this address … If you decide to set up your own Cafepress store please put "mfowler" as the referral ID!

– The other topic, PS2-
My PS2 died today, after having it for what seemed 3 years (Wow ps2 has been out that long…), well technically it didn't die, but the tray where the disks come out failed. Meaning that when you pressed the eject button the blue light just flashed. Makes me kind of sad, because I know I shouldn't buy another one instead I should just wait for the PS3. The PS2 will still play games I suppose, but I don't like prying that dang thing open.

Well thats all I have to write about for now, see you later…


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