A Well Thought out and Organized… Audio Post #1

Introducing: A well thought out, and well organized….Audio post!
They will now include a Transcript, of course because I cannot be organized, they will always include Screw ups, and ad libbing.

Here is the Transcript:

Hello again Audio-blog listeners.
Matt here, once again.
I have to say I have gotten addicted to this audio blogging, its just
so fun to do, you know what I mean? If you have not done it yet
go to www.audioblogger.com and use your free Blogger account to
create a post. Its a simple thing to do all you need is a phone
that can call long distance.
First off, I want to say, incase you could not already tell, that I am going to
be doing Transcripts from now on of what I say in my audio posts.
If you have been listening to my previous posts, they sucked pretty much.
They were not very organized. So now I am preparing my posts before hand
so I won’t do embarassing things such as “Uhhh” and “Ummm”, and especially
so I won’t crack like I did in my last post saying “Piano”.
I am also doing Transcripts just in case you couldn’t understand what I said
and so you won’t think “Did he say what I just think he said!?”
Secondly, major updates being done and more on the way.
See my blog? New logo and everything. I finally fixed it to where it doesn’t
repeat at the bottom, minor HTML error. Blogger is free and works great, but it has those
kind of problems.
If you noticed I have a new Moblog account with TextAmerica. View it by going to http://mdfmoblog.textamerica.com
The first post on there is my new iPod, got it fresh from Apple a couple of days ago.
Finally, As you may or may not know, I sent off for a Leo Laporte autograph about a week ago. Still nothing. When I get it, I will post a scanned copy of it on here. That is, if I ever do get it.
If you want your own autograph visit www.leoville.com/autographs.shtml
That is .shtml not .html Try and not get those confused.
Well I am done for posting for now, I will post later on through the week, Have
a great weekend!

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