Whats the best webhosting service for you?

Although there is not a "best" hosting service, it all depends on how much you want to spend. You can easily search Google for free web hosting and find many good choices.
The only bad thing with free is you don't get the beauty of having www.yourdomain.com .
Instead its usually something like www.service.com/yourname or yourname.service.com
Which usually is not that bad, if you don't mind sub domains.

Now if you are looking to spend some cash and get a good deal, here is what I approve:

Computer Wiz Inc webhosting – cheap, and has a lot to offer.
Vizaweb – Good bang for your buck, excellent support. Even Leo Laporte likes them.
FortuneCity.com – Popular, and a lot of choices.

That is really the only ones that I would trust. Don't go with anybody else.

+ Matt out +

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