Picasa is free!

Recently Google bought out Picasa's company and is now giving out Picasa for free. If you are like the other 5000 people who bought Picasa, you probably are wanting your money back. Sorry but that isn't going to happen. I would contact Google and tell them for your money you want a free Gmail account. You can download the free Picasa here.

Wait! What the heck is this Picasa you talk so much about?
It is a good Photo Storing program that will get every picture on your computer, from all user accounts. It also uncovers hidden pictures that somebody on your computer may not want. The program started out 199.99 dollars and is now being gave away for free by Google. Which doesn't bother me a bit.

If you are like some of the other people who purchased Picasa, email me and tell me about it. I'm nosey.

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