MSN Hotmail to get AntiVirus protection for free!

It is definitely  about time don't you think? Yahoo Mail has antivirus technology for free powered by Symantec's Norton AntiVirus. 

Now, Hotmail finally is getting premium Antivirus technology for free, which to me every webmail service should. What is good about Hotmail is that it will tell you that the attachment (not the email, just the attachment) is infected..BUT.. It still gives the option to download it.. Novice users (no offense) will still probably download it.

Yahoo Mail won't let you download it if its infected. They will give you a nice little warning window that its infected and basically tell you "You can't download this file." BUT WAIT A MINUTE? THAT IS SOME PICTURES THAT I WANT AND I JUST WANT THE VIRUS CLEANED TO SEE THE PICTURES!"    If thats the case you better bring out the bucks! Because premium AntiVirus from Yahoo, isn't free.  So I would say just go to your friends house and look at them there or something!


Learn more information on this MSN/Hotmail Technology here.

Matt signing off.





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