Election 2004

Well its almost that time again, to decide who your favorite crook is. I’m sorry that I am so negative with politicians, I guess its because I cannot vote yet, I’m not legal. When I am though I don’t even know if I’ll vote then. They are all lieing con-artists who never do one thing they promise. But, if I could vote in this election, Bush-Cheney would probably get my vote. I don’t feel scared to say this because he has got us into a lot of stuff and he needs to be the one to get us out of it. The Iraq war had no phase on me, we needed to do what we did and thats that. Yes, I’m ready for the spam and cussing outs. Besides, John Kerry reminds me too much of Herman Munster, A frankenstein…
Plus he has a long face, I mean I though John Lenno had big face but this definitely beats him by a mile. What I can’t understand I never heard one thing about the powerful “Veteran Senator John Kerry” until this election debating started. He never did anything before when the senators did other things. I am not registered, so I cannot say whether or not I’m Democrat or Republican, but if I was registered I’d probably register Republican. Don’t really have a reason why, I just kind of feel thats what I am. I may regret saying that later on when we have awful Republicans, but once you are registered, or in my case pretend to be registered, you can’t say no WAIT I CHANGED MY MIND!
Well folks, I don’t really care who you put into office, whether a Bad-boy Texan, or a Frankenstein creation, it doesn’t really matter much to me. Whatever you choose is fine with me, its not like I’ll be the one hurting.
And of course, I’ve got a image that google kindly made and I will show:


Well, Have fun voting tomorrow!

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