Cheats and What Not To Buy!

Hello again, I have a little bit of news about Sims 2. Yes I did buy it, but I had to return the first one I bought.

I bought the DVD Edition of Sims 2, Not knowing exactly the difference. Well, when I did I put it in my computer and nothing happened. Thinking my CD-RW drive was going bad, I popped in another CD. Guess What? Worked just fine.

So I took the Sims 2 DVD Edition back and got the regular Sims 2, and it worked just fine.

Heres the fishy part: The DVD Edition only has 1 GAME DISK, and the regular edition has 4 Disks, explain that to me.

Well, I promised you cheats and well, I have them here. Courtesy of Cheat Code Central.
To open the cheat panel its the shame SHIFT+CRTL+C

CODE: motherlode AFFECT: 50,000 extra simoleons.
CODE: Kaching AFFECT: 1,000 extra simoleons
CODE: help AFFECT: Displays some cheats that can be used in Cheat Panel
CODE: moveObjects [on or off] AFFECT: move any object around as you please.

There are many other cheats, but these are the ones I found the most used.

ALSO: If you can find a cheat that unlocks everything PLEASE SEND IT TO ME!

I am in Dire need of Unlocking Everything, without literally doing anything.

See ya later.

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