CFH 2.0 Episode Downloads

Yes, it is true, although it may be hard to believe for you die hard CFH (call for help) Fans, but I have found a good link to where you can download the episodes that us Americans cannot see. Why? Because CFH 2.0 is a G4techtv Canada show, so if you are in canada you are in luck, but if you are like me and not in Canada, you still want to watch the show. Welldo I have the solution for you! The official Call For Help link is this.But, that will not stop me from watching Call For Help! There are a number of steps that are going to be needed to do, so pay attention. First you are going to want to visit our old friend BitTorrent. Then, after you visit them and download BitTorrent, this is where it gets good. You are now going to want to visit this website. Here, you will find files labled something like CFH001.avi. Now, this does not give you the exact .avi link, and this is why I had you install BitTorrent. You'll download the .torrent files, and it will download the AVI file from the peer you may be receiving it from at that time. I have downloaded a few and they are the full episodes, no problems at all. I enjoy watching them, its liking having Call For Help back at your home. Email me your comments on the downloadable episodes and tell me what you think. Now,on this website they don't have all of the episodes, sadly, but if you do find a site with all of the episodes, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


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