Ad-Aware isn’t spyware!

Sorry its taken me so long to write a new post, I've been busy.

Ok, I am getting so tired of the rumors of Ad-Aware being spyware. It is possibly the only Spyware/Adware/Malware scanner that isn't spyware or one that doesn't break software piracys.

Spybot S&D is the worst, besides BPS Spyware Cleaner. Spybot is dumb. Thats just it. It's retarted.
Why is spybot so dumb? It thought my webpage was a CoolWWWSearch Spyware threat.
It searches for your favorites and found one of my pages and said it was CoolWWWSearch. HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE!?

Ad-aware is better because Spybot S&D will find 10 where Ad-Aware will find 200.
So all you people who are conned  by Spybot's "Ad-aware is currently installed and may find us as spyware" Which is basically trying to get you to unistall.

I admit, that Spybot does scan and will delete things, but it doesn't find all the things that Ad-Aware does!!!!!
Well, I don't want to mix post so I'll post this one then do another, so email me!

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