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Kern #NoFilter #corn #kern

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Bullin Up

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Leg Foot

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Got rid of them #redeyes

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Okay, I’ve had enough. Websites such as the one featured in the screenshot above that “humbly request” you turn off your Ad Blocker have hit an all time low. Listen, I understand that advertisement supported content is a thing, and it’s how most publications make their money. But here’s the […]

Ad Supported Media Hitting An All Time Low

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My hair is all poofy today

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Salad on a top

It’s fun to follow people on the internet, right?  Well there’s exclusive content to be found on the Facebook  page. Just kidding, it’s probably the same shit but at least you’ll be able to share it with your buddies, right? It’s a hell of a lot easier to do than copying […]

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I’ve had this little figure for awhile now.  And I think it’s time to start taking it places and taking pictures. Stay tuned!

Donkey Krong

Questions?  This is only a drawing of the actual Business Chewie. I will post him later on. Not that it matters since it’s my content, but this was originally posted on my Instagram. You should get on there and follow me. Maybe even like my things.

Business Chewie is ready to have a good time

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Possibly Wild Iris

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The one and only, Mark Gormley. from Instagram:


I wish this wasn’t just a memory on my phone. I wish I had it, right now. Possibly in my belly. from Instagram:

Only A Memory Now #salad

She tries to keep him alive but he’s dying in silent because of his darkness.   Artist: Nikita Veprikov

She tries to keep him alive

My apologies if you thought this was going to be about Orange Soda and Kel. from Instagram:

Ahhhh, here it goes!

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This guy

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I did it.

When in the hell did Verizon roll out this weird shit? It requires your location.  I’m not doing it, because it’s dumb. Don’t expect a review here.  Sorry, Verizon, but I will pass on your PopData. Strange name, by the way. Need to work on that. 

Get you a Verizon session

Is actually letting go. Come on, Apple.  Even an AD for the same damn thing I’m searching for?  On and just in case you were wondering… they both downloaded at the same time. Or at least the bars kept up with each other. 

The hardest part of letting go…

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Who this may apply to: Users of WordPress for iOS who keep getting a “Failed” error message when trying to upload photos and/or videos. Sometimes, we really just overthink and over complicate the obvious. You’ll see why I’m saying this in a little bit. What exactly happened: I was trying […]

Help! WordPress for iOS won’t upload anything!

? This could be Grandpa Baby’s cousin. Or brother. Sister? Hell, I don’t know.  Just read the title of this post in your best “elderly” voice for whatever gender you happen to be. 

“I remember when my face was normal”

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Lately, I’ve been posting some pretty off the wall stuff on this blog. I haven’t really taken the time to give you, my loyal readers and search engine crawlers, an actual update as to what I’ve really been doing on the internet. Also, just a few things I wanted to […]

Let’s Get You Up To Speed, 2016.

You obviously got my attention, now what do you want?


Just recently discovered this by a guy named Rob Scallon. I guess he’s doing covers for the “Maytallica” celebration.  Generally, I hate most covers. Or at the very least I’m extremely picky with the ones I do like.  But I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  Only one […]

Master of Puppets Banjo Cover 

  Allegedly, when you stare at the center of this image long enough — it will start to “blend” and disappear in a way.  All it does for me is make my eyes strain and give me a headache. Maybe my brain works differently, I don’t know.  Perhaps this is […]

Stare At This 

How often do we visit restaurants and pick what we want to eat because of the picture? Or maybe we saw it on a commercial and we got all kinds of excited inside. Perhaps that warm and bubbly feeling. Ok, I guess that is taking it a bit far — […]

Reality vs. Expectation: Denny’s Style

   Below you will find Tim Cook’s response to the recent news of the FBI’s ghastly attempt to get Apple to create a “backdoor” for their iPhones.  I for one, completely stand with Apple. This sort of technology should not be created for any reason, let alone by the company […]

Apple vs. FBI – Tim Cook’s Response

  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Uhh  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  

That Vegeta Post

 I am not sure why, but I’ve created a place for people who don’t follow me on snapchat — to see my snaps.  This way my beautiful artwork and creativity can be viewed forever. Sans the 10 second limit.  Even if you already follow me on snapchat, maybe you can […]

Launched something new 

    I mean… I’m sure it tastes the same. I have absolutely nothing against generic products (to a certain degree) but this is pitiful. They didn’t even try to make it look nice. Just give you the facts and send you on your way.   You’ll either buy it — or you […]

The most generic of generic 

My website said:   “Goodbye, old out dated browsers!” And just like that, my website only looks amazing on updated browsers.  Have to admit, it looks pretty sweet on old browsers. (Check it out on IE 6 sometime) Sarcasm or course — as it very nicely wrecks & ignores the design.  This […]

Now look what I did 

   We get it, okay? You want us to believe that your life is way more glamorous than it actually is.  You also love sharing 100+ selfies of you and your “fam”.  Heck, why not show me that disgusting looking meal you shoved down your pie hole. Oh you put […]

How I feel about Facebook posts…

  You see, Grandpa Baby was tired of crawling and decided to ask his friend Bones for a lift.  Bones, being the quiet type, dropped his jaw and lowered his right hand to the floor.  The rest, is history.  

Bones & Grandpa Baby

#Five A photo posted by Matt Fowler (@mattdfowler) on Jul 15, 2015 at 9:13am PDT


A call for help: Which is the best live streaming service to use these days? A long time ago, I used Justin.TV — It was simple, free, and easy to use.  However, that service shut down.  Kind of left me stranded.   Any suggestions? Here is what is ideal: Free or […]

Let’s Go Live Again

Apparently, the days of having colorful backgrounds and flashy images are over. The people have spoken, and I've listened. You like it bland, flat, and fast. This new design is my answer. Loyal readers will know that this place has seen one too many facelifts, as I tend to get bored with one design and go onto another.

The Times, They Are a Changin’

Who will win at the game of life? Apparently Bob.

Bob Wins

In the words of Grumbles "Mrmrmrrmhhmrmmrhmmhr"