Mozzarella Onion Rings by Nino’s Home

This has to be one of the greatest videos I’ve run across in the last 15 minutes. The internet moves fast — get used to it.

They look absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to make some myself. I’ll try to remember to share my disaster when I do make them. I guarantee they won’t look this good, at first.

Try them yourself and tell me what you think!

PS – The style of this video is how I want all cooking videos to be, just saying.

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Ooze Tube

Because I don’t feel like people talk about this kind of stuff enough. There are several brands, but this one is the one that hits closest to home for me.

No matter what brand you go for, it’s all extremely delicious.

We are all aware it’s nothing but sugar, we just don’t care.

It’ll rot your teeth out if that’s the only thing you eat in your life — of course. But, you should know better than to do that, right?

I would do a search for the images if you want more.

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